Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lake Havasu, Arizona

Hey! We just got back from a 10 day vacation in Lake Havasu and it was SO much fun! Joe has been working like crazy lately so it was so nice to have him all to ourselves for so much time. We had a week at a timeshare in Lake Havasu called the London Bridge Resort so it was right by the bridge and it was beautiful. We also spent a little time before and after at Joe's dad's house in Las Vegas to break up the drive. Our kids are so good at road trips, though, from all of the practice we give them. =) I'm really grateful for that because the cost of airfare would be ridiculous.

We had a two bedroom timeshare so Joe's brother Nick came out for most of the time and then his dad was there from Vegas for the first half and his mom came from California for the last 4 days and it was so great to spend so much time with the family. The kids were especially excited to see their Grandma PJ because with her living in California we're usually lucky to see her 3 or 4 times a year. We rented a boat for 2 of the days and went for rides on the tube and swam and we had such a great time. The 2nd day we had the boat it was pretty windy so in the middle of the lake it was so choppy it felt like the ocean and we were rocking all over the place and getting sprayed with tons of water. There was a deck on top with a slide so it made us really top heavy and there were a few times that I thought our whole pontoon boat was going to tip over! It was a blast, though. The tube we had that day was the kind with the hole in the middle and it was like the perfect size for my butt to get lodged in there so when I was going for rides every bump I went over just seemed to get me stuck in it deeper and deeper and they couldn't get me off! I was SO scared and hanging on for dear life as they whipped me around at top speed over huge wakes and I'd fly up in the air but I never came out of the tube. By the end I was getting so scared that I had to really work to dislodge myself and just jump out before I had some kind of spinal injury. =) Unfortunatly we didn't get any pictures or movies during the wildest parts but I was able to pull this picture from a movie so it's not great quality but it'll give you an idea. It was scary but also a lot of fun and it felt so great everytime I'd go over a huge wake and fly up in the air and then land and still be hanging on.

Here are a few more fun pictures of everyone. This is one of Nick and Big Joe (Joe's Dad). They look like twins!
I thought this one of Joe with Savannah driving the boat was cute. I think the only resemblance he has with his dad and brother is the hairline. =)
Then there's Savannah and me going under the London Bridge, Katie and Alex chillin' on the lounge chair at the pool, Alex with Grandma PJ,
and one more of Katie playing hide-and-seek behind the couch.
We had a really great trip and can't wait to get away again sometime soon!



esas nenas tuyas son TAN BONITAS!!! ME ENCANTAN!! gracias por crear un blog, me encanta seguirlo. Besitos

nicole said...

How fun to have found your blog! I laughed so hard when you were talking about your adventures with the tube! You are too cute!