Friday, August 8, 2008

Lagoon Continued...

First of all, I just wanted to write today because it's 8-8-08 and it's such a fun date! The Olympics starts today in Bejing so that's exciting, and I also remembered one more thing about Lagoon that I completely forgot to mention. We spent a few hours there in the afternoon while it was hot before dinner and I was really excited because it was my first time trying out my new waterproof camera! I got it as an anniversary gift from Joe (actually, though, I just wanted to buy one really bad so when our anniversary was coming up I asked him if I could buy it as an anniversary present and he said yes, so I'm the one who researched everything and made the actual purchase). Hey, any excuse that works is fine with me. =) It's so nice having a camera you can take near water or sand and not worry about dropping it and ruining it. The pictures aren't as good as normal camera, but they're good enough for me. It definitely does better in outdoor sunlight than indoors with the flash. Here are a few pics with it:

I kept trying to get Savannah to go under the water so I could take a picture of her, but the water was really cold and she wouldn't stay under long enough. The best I got was her body.

Here's one I got of Joe, though!

Lots of fun. I'm excited to use it more when we go to Las Vegas next month.