Sunday, February 15, 2009

Party Time

Yesterday we had a fun filled party day, celebrating Savannah's 5th birthday and Alex's 1st. This was the first year Savannah got to invite friends to her party so she invited many of the kids in her primary class plus her cousins, making a total of 8 kids that came. Including my 3, that meant 11 kids in my little house and it was a bit of an adventure! It was fun, though. Savannah wanted to have a butterfly party so we had all the matching butterfly party supplies from the dollar store and I made her a butterfly fairy birthday cake. For games we played pin the antenna on the butterfly (using pipe cleaners for antenna), then Joe read them "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" and afterwards we had them divide into two teams, gave each team a roll of toilet paper, and they had a race to completely wrap up one person on their team like a cocoon. I think they had fun. Mostly they just had fun playing with each other in Savannah and Katie's bedroom and climbing on the bunkbeds and stuff. Savannah also didn't realize that all the kids were going to bring her presents so that was a very exciting surprise for her and she had so much fun opening all of those presents with everyone watching. That girl really loves being in the spotlight and she got really fun presents so she just loved it!

For Alex we just decided it would be easier to throw his birthday in with Savannah's even though everything was all girly because my family would already be coming over and it was more convenient than making them all come on a different night just to watch a little 1 year old eat some cake and open a present or two. I mean, really, 1 year old birthdays just aren't that exciting or eventful. I made Alex a Thomas the Tank Engine cake that had a 1 on the side and he seemed to enjoy sitting in his high chair eating it all by himself and making a huge mess. Here are some pictures from our fun day.

Here are the kids with their cakes. Savannah is with her cousin Dylan showing how they're both 5 now. Making two cakes turned out to be a little more time consuming than I'd imagined so the cakes got pretty sloppy. Definitely not my best work, but I was past the point of caring. If you can't tell, I did Alex's last so his was really rushed. Sorry buddy. I guess a 1 year old doesn't care that much.

Grandma and Grandpa Bilanzich gave Alex a little outfit and some shoes. He was pretty excited about those shoes! He wanted to carry them around with him everywhere!
Savannah's favorite present. She's not really into High School Musical that much but she LOVED this!

Alex may not have been too happy about that hat, but by then he was pretty worn out from all of the commotion, too. We all had a fun, but exhausting day. We went to bed early last night! No exciting, romantic Valentine's Day for Joe and me, but we had a great day.



Tus nenas son preciosas!! Y ese nió último tiene tu misma cara!! haces niños muy guapos!!