Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Today has been a beautiful, wonderful Easter! I'm pretty tired now after all the festivities, cleaning up all the candy wrappers and plastic grass, and getting my kids to bed when they were on such a sugar high, but it was still a great day. Yesterday we went to an Easter carnival at Wheeler Farm because Savannah's singing group was performing there and we ended up having a lot of fun there! My brother Ryan and his wife Savanah brought their three kids, too, so all the cousins always have a fun time together. Afterwards we went back to Ryan's house and let the kids dye Easter eggs and then today after church we hunted them in my mom's backyard. We had a family dinner at her house and church was really nice and all in all it was just a wonderful Easter celebration. Here are some pictures:

The kids before church

After church with their Easter baskets

Savannah and Katie swinging at Nonni's house

Alex having a great time with the Easter Egg hunt

Family Photo