Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Katie's 2nd Haircut

Okay, summer is over so it's time to get back in the house and back at my computer. I've completely neglected my blog but I am grateful for a good friend who got on my case about it and reminded me to keep writing. Thanks, Maria! =)

Earlier this year I had a blog entry about Katie's 1st haircut when she chopped off her bangs. Well, the Sunday before last Joe was watching the kids while I took a nap and Savannah went on a cutting frenzy. She's old enough to know that scissors are only for paper but for some reason she got the idea to start giving her dolls haircuts and then the neighbor boy (luckily he just had a buzz cut, though, so it wasn't even noticeable) and then she started on Katie! Supposedly Katie asked her for a haircut, which made Savannah think it was just fine to do it. Joe saw Savannah with the scissors and took them away from her but didn't even notice anything different about Katie when she looked like this:

I just searched a little in vain for a good picture of her hair before it got cut for a comparison. You can see where Savannah missed a little bit, though, and it was easily 4 inches that she cut off. Plus it was all her beautiful little baby curls that once you cut them off they're gone. I was so sad!
I normally try to cut the girls' hair myself to save money but this was enough of a hack job that I didn't want to attempt it on my own. The next day I took her to Fantastic Sams because I had a coupon but it was really crouded and hectic and there was a wait and while I waited I realized that getting her hair styled (which I knew I wanted so I could see how to style it short) would be $6 extra so it was going to cost $14. I had heard a friend talk about a place called Cookie Cutters that specializes in kids haircuts but I imagined it would probably be about $30 for haircuts there. I figured I might as well just call them while I was waiting and I couldn't believe it when they said haircuts were $13.95 and that includes styling! We drove right over and I was SO impressed with that place! I would HIGHLY recommend it, especially if you have a kid who's a little afraid about getting their hair cut or if it's a first haircut or something where you want a place that's camera friendly. The kids get to pick a cool little car to sit in instead of a normal chair and they also pick a DVD to watch while they're getting their hair cut. Then when they're done they get a balloon with a sucker and a cute little cookie cutter on it. Katie LOVED it! Alex also had a great time playing on the little slide while he was waiting. Here's a picture of her in the place so you can see how fun it is (plus another pitiful looking "before" picture).

She was so immersed in Dora I don't think she even realized she was getting a hair cut!

Katie's first look of her new haircut in the mirror.

She picked this plane to sit in.

The "after" picture.

I was very happy with how it turned out. It looks like such a little school girl haircut to me and I think it makes her look older and more grown up. It's sad but also cute and it's perfect timing because she'll be starting preschool in just another week. It's crazy how fast kids grow!


Jenn said...

I know haircuts like that our just a matter of time at our house, Aisley cut a good chunk out of mine once with nail clippers! She looks really cute, I can't believe how much she looks like you

Lombardi Update said...

Yeah!!! You always have the best stories! So stinkin cute, her hair is adorable.

Anonymous said...

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