Friday, April 9, 2010

Blue Easter Eggs

Alex, our 2-yr-old, really loves eggs, so when we were getting ready to dye eggs on Saturday and he kept hearing all the egg talk and then saw the dozens and dozens of eggs, he was pretty excited.  Then we went outside and I helped him drop one of his nice, white eggs into a cup of blue dye.  He had the funniest, most horrified look on his face when we pulled it out a few minutes later!  He did NOT want to eat a blue egg!  He wanted a white one!  I took this video of him with it and it makes me laugh so hard watching it.  At one point I handed him the egg and he half dropped, half threw it to the ground, so you'll see it's all cracked. I love the face he makes about half way through when I hold the egg up in front of him.  He was SO funny!


Carol said...

Jessica, he is SO cute!!! That's hilarious! He's SO expressive (and he speaks really well for 2!)

Jenn said...

So cute!

Brooke said...

That's soo cute! I cannot believe how big he is. He was just a new born when you stayed with us!

Michelle said...

Hilarious! Your kids are SOOO cute!!

Anonymous said...

Hola! Jessica.
Your baby boy is not a baby ya!!
Parece mayor que 2 aƱos y habla muy bien por su edad.
Pero he is very cuuuute. He ie scared of the BLUE egg indeed. XXX