Thursday, May 15, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Okay, I know I'm late, but I was thinking on Sunday I'd find a moment to post and it keeps getting pushed off. I had a really great day. Savannah finally got to give me a little present she'd made for me in preschool and she was SO excited about that. She brought it home with her on Thursday all wrapped up pretty and it was killing her to wait until Sunday to give it to me. Here's a picture of what she made and also the cute little poem on the back.

Joe gave me a certificate to go the next day for a 2 hour massage at a school in Salt Lake and it was SO awesome! He's been working a ton lately so it's just been me and the kids 24/7 plus I can never get away from Alex so going to that was the longest I've ever been away from him and the break was so nice. Joe told me to go shopping or go to dinner or whatever I wanted afterward and just relax so I was gone about 4 hours. Joe fed Alex a bottle of some milk I'd pumped and handled everything fine so that was a great present. After church I told Joe that the one request I had for the day was to take a picture of all of us together, something we almost never do. I think this is only the 3rd time since Alex was born that we've taken any sort of picture of all 5 of us (the first was the obligatory hospital shot and then one afternoon they were all on the couch playing so I quickly seized the opportunity and set up the camera on top of the TV with the self timer and jumped in with them but it didn't turn out well at all). I think it's due to my picture obsession (and Joe's persuasive example) that they all seem to hate pictures so much and just when everyone else cooperates it's usually Savannah sticking out her tongue or doing some silly, obnoxious thing to ruin it. I get so frustrated trying to take pictures of us all! We only got 3 shots but here's the best one.

All in all it was a really nice, relaxing Mother's Day, and it was gorgeous weather, too, so that always makes a day better.