Friday, May 9, 2008

Savannah is playing soccer

Wow, Joe and I took a short little vacation to Philadelphia and DC right after my first post and that was all it took to throw me completely off of writing. Now 2 1/2 weeks later I'm back on track. =) My goal is to post 2 or 3 times per week.

Savannah started playing soccer through Salt Lake County Parks and Rec a few weeks ago and it started off really rocky but it's gotten better and she really likes it now. My mom had to take her to her first game because we were in DC and when she wasn't picked to be the goalie she was devastated. Always the drama queen, she ended up squatting down in the middle of the field with her face in her hands pouting while the rest of the kids tried to play around her. Here are a few photos from that first game.

Luckily, by her second game I was back home so I was able to prepare her that she probably wasn't going to be the goalie, but that I was SO excited about seeing her kick the ball. We had multiple conversations about it in the days before her next game and on the way to the park. I've had four years to learn how to manipulate her by playing her dramatic side to my benefit. At her next game she was like a completely different person. She kicked the ball like crazy and was one of the most involved kids on her team. The only "problem" she had was that she was so excited to be on the field and showing off for me that she kept jumping up and down waving at me every 10 seconds and a lot of times the ball would be right in front of her but she was too busy looking at me to realize it and kick it. Here are a few photos from her 2nd game.

Dealing with that girl can be a bit of an art form at times and my mom (like most people) doesn't have much patience to humor her like I do. Boy would she be hatin' life if anything ever happened to me! =)